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  • GuangDong Homkey Toys Industrial Co.,Ltd is a company specialize in design, engineering and manufacturing of a wide range of entertainment products, with an emphasis on toys. Our top class and experienced engineering and design teams have helped many of our customers turn their concepts into profitable, high quality, mass production products.

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    Yo-yo play Yo-yo according to their structure is different, can be divided into three types, namely the overall shape, bearing type and clutch ...
    YO-YO - Getting Started Yo-yo (yo-yo), one we are not unfamiliar words. The 16th century, the Philippines, hunting and hunting peoples in fighting the use o...
    Welcome your calls, le... To meet the current needs of the industry, our company has developed many new products New Year, inexpensive. Welcome your calls, le...
    Guangdong Province  Recently, the Homkey Toys Industrial Co.,Ltd declared "Hong Qi" brand (graphic) enterprise by Guangdong Famous Trade...
    Disney brand dragons b... GuangDong Homkey Toys Industrial Co.,Ltd in May 2012 launched cooperation with Disney, the Disney brand to become the United States ...
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